Tuesday, 5 August 2014

#onepoundpantry - the fourth

So, a string of family meals (thanks mum!) and dinners at friends houses (thanks chums!) has meant that, whilst I may have saved pennies, I've had to put my #onepoundpantry challenge on a temporary hold. 

Until today!!

After a loonnnng day at work, tonight I basically couldn't be bothered. So I had a look in my fridge and decided to make an  odds-and-sod it salad.

Languishing in my fridge and salad draw I found:

  • 2 carrots
  • A kohlrabi - leftover from a FoodCycle session at the weekend
  • Leftover cabbage from my #onepoundpantry turkey and bacon pie
  • Some slightly squishy tomatoes
  • Broad beans donated from a green-fingered neighbour
  • A red pepper and some frisée lettuce left behind by my housemate before he went away for the week (Mwahahaha! You snooze, you lose!)
  • Coriander bought for an abortive #onepoundpantey meal last week before Mum called with an invite - 49p
  • Eggs leftover from last week's beetroot ravioli.
  • Half a lemon

Being a kitchen gadget-aholic, I have a mandolin and decided that using it would make dinner quicker. I cut matchsticks of carrot, kohlrabi and an apple from the fruit bowl to create a makeshift slaw. To this I added lemon juice, a little white wine vinegar, olive oil and seasoning. There's even enough left for tomorrow! I finely sliced some of the cabbage to add to this, along with the frisée and some coriander. While I blanched and refreshed the podded broad beans and soft-boiled an egg, I cut fine dice of tomato and pepper. 

The whole lot got tossed together and served. Not only were there lots of different flavours going in here, it had loads of colour, and hence vitamins, a good filling hit of protein, and an added benefit of everything being chopped small means that it was quick to eat as well as make! 


TOTAL #onepoundpantry SPEND: 49p

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