Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jour du Macaron

Just a quick post this evening, to share a fun little video I put together after yesterday's Jour du Macaron.

I visited 15 different patisseries participating all across Paris, whereby a voluntary donation to this year's chosen charity 'Autistes sans frontiers' equalled a free macaron of my choice!

I still haven't eaten my way through all of them yet, but special points go to Hermés' aged Balsamic Vinegar macaron and to Hévin for giving out three macarons at a time! A 'boo' goes to Dalloyau, who were participating according to the website but knew nothing about it at each branch I cycled / trekked / mapread to find.

It was a thoroughly exhausting day, but so much fun; I got to explore all over Paris, and as frivolous a plan as it was, I'm really proud of myself for making it all the way through my intricately-planned day, especially considering I had a shift at Gontran Cherrier to organise it around!

Right, back to the hard work of eating them all...

(Music - '1 2 3' by Camille)

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